Floral parfum ritual oils for the personal every day tuning.

vivid and conscious compositions

Oil of purity and trust. It is refreshing, enhances concentration and has a strengthening effect. The aroma is uplifting, revitalizes like a water and brings a feeling of the lightness of the soul.
Oil that supports inner vitality and unreserved confidence which shines out and manifests itself as optimism, balance, radiant joyfulness, grounding stability and feeling of the inner peace.
Brings immediate sense of freshness and purification, softly merged together. First, the vibration of this oil illuminates your energetic field. As if the silver light of the full moon was flowing through your body when the oil is absorbed. Finally, the oil vibrates with nurturing yin energy of the full moon. Let it harmonize you and nurture you.
This oil brings light into uncertainty, disperses fogginess and attunes into the feeling of harmony, strength, endurance and support. Relieves overpowering intellect, its grounding quality and centering ethers will take you into your bright inner light.
Oil of a feminine essence soothes any distractions and blossoms into delightful sweetness of life which is ever-present in every woman. It very gently touches, almost tickles, an inner sensual place of restfulness, from where women bring the sweet abundance in all its beauty into this world.

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